Dash Cameras

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The FleetPeek PH-LS 2.0 GPS live streaming, dual facing dash cam allows fleet managers to track, monitor and view their vehicles online with real time GPS tracking / live streaming video & audio capabilities.

Significant Impact on Fleets

From food & beverage distributors to steel manufacturers to government agencies, Site Visibility helps customers streamline incident investigation, improve onsite safety, and increase operational efficiency. 

However, it’s important to implement dash cameras with a balance of privacy and transparency, ensuring drivers are aware of the monitoring and respecting their rights. Moreover, compliance with local laws and regulations is crucial when using live-view dash cameras in fleet operations.

Improved Safety

Live view dash cameras provide real-time monitoring of drivers' behavior and the road conditions, helping fleet managers detect risky behavior and take immediate action to prevent accidents.

Accident Reduction

The presence of dash cameras can deter reckless driving and reduce accidents. In case of accidents, the footage can provide critical evidence to determine fault and settle claims.

Driver Accountability

Live view allows fleet managers to monitor drivers' activities and ensure they follow company policies. This can lead to increased accountability and adherence to safety protocols.

Reduced Insurance Costs

Many insurance providers offer discounts for fleets equipped with dash cameras, as they can lead to safer driving and fewer accidents.

Training Opportunities

Live view footage can be used for coaching and training drivers. It enables managers to identify areas for improvement and provide targeted feedback.

Theft Prevention

Dash cameras can deter theft or vandalism of fleet vehicles, and in the event of theft, the cameras can provide valuable information to assist in recovery.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Monitoring driver behavior through live view can help identify issues such as aggressive driving or idling, which can increase maintenance costs, allowing fleets to take preventive measures.

Improved Productivity

Live view allows for better route management and real-time adjustments, potentially improving productivity and reducing idle time.

Driver Behavior Tracking

Dash cameras with live view can track and record driver behavior such as speeding, harsh braking, and erratic lane changes, which can be analyzed to promote safer driving habits.

Efficient Dispatching

Live view can help dispatchers make informed decisions based on real-time traffic and road conditions, leading to more efficient routing and scheduling.

Legal Protection

In case of disputes or false claims, the live view footage can provide evidence to protect the fleet and its drivers.

Customer Satisfaction

Knowing that a fleet is equipped with dash cameras for safety can enhance customer confidence and satisfaction.

Safety and efficiency

Implementing dash cameras with a balance of privacy and transparency is important, ensuring drivers are aware of the monitoring and respecting their rights. Moreover, compliance with local laws and regulations is crucial when using live-view dash cameras in fleet operations.

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