GPS Tracking

GPS Fleet Tracking

Businesses implement GPS fleet tracking for several key factors, each contributing to improved operations, cost savings, and competitiveness

GPS Fleet Tracking Benefits

GPS fleet tracking can provide numerous benefits to businesses across various industries. Here are some ways in which GPS fleet tracking can help businesses:

GPS tracking positively impacts various industrial sectors in specific ways by addressing their unique challenges and needs.

Track Vehicles

Keep an eye on real time vehicle locations, prevent vehicle downtime by monitoring engine diagnostics, reduce fuel costs by curbing idle times. Eliminate after hours usage. Lower liability. ELD and HOS reporting for compliance.


Know where assets are in the field. Protect against after hour use and theft with starter disable features and movement alerts. Add Driver ID technology to know who's using what, and when. Track engine hours and set maintenance schedules.


Manage your trailers more efficiently. Monitor locations, door opening and closing, and temperature thresholds all from the click of a button. Get activity reports automatically emailed daily.

Fleet Optimization

Routing and real-time dispatching. Fuel and Vehicle Diagnostics- Plan for the known and the unknown with route optimization intelligence as well as real-time dispatching capabilities when unexpected situations occur. Review trip history, time on job site, daily timecard report (Start of day/end of Day) and control speeding and reckless driving.

Fleet Productivity

Apps and Driver workflows FleetPeek Coach empowers drivers to monitor their on-road behavior, view historical events, and self-coach all in one easy-to-use scorecard system. Work provides everything your mobile workforce needs to manage their workload and keep you up to speed on what's happening in the field.

Fleet Mobile App

The App for your mobile workforce. Work enables field service automation on Android and approved devices. Work does real-time GPS tracking, electronic logbooks, digital DVIRs, dispatching, navigation, and more. Real-time GPS Tracking, Certified ELD, Commercial Navigation, Driver ID & Behavior, Dispatched Stops, Custom Digital Forms, Timecard Verification, 2-Way Messaging, Signature & Image Capture.

Alerting and Reporting

Reporting: Management is made easy with a library of graphical reports, such as Average Idle Time, Max Speeds, and many more.
Centralized Alerting: Alerts, announcements and other important items are viewable right on the dashboard for quick action as needed.

Mobile Device Management

End to End visibility. Track your mobile devices on the same platform as your fleet for more efficient operations.

Improved Efficiency

GPS tracking allows businesses to monitor their vehicles in real-time. This means you can optimize routes, reduce idle time, and ensure that your fleet operates at peak efficiency.

Cost Savings

By optimizing routes and reducing fuel consumption, businesses can significantly lower operational costs. GPS tracking also helps in reducing maintenance costs through timely vehicle maintenance and reducing wear and tear.

Enhanced Safety

GPS tracking provides real-time monitoring of vehicle speed, location, and driver behavior. This allows businesses to promote safe driving practices, reduce accidents, and improve overall safety for both drivers and the public.

Accurate Billing

For service-based businesses, GPS tracking can provide accurate data for billing purposes. You can track the time spent at customer locations and ensure accurate invoicing.

Asset Protection

GPS tracking helps in the recovery of stolen vehicles and assets. In case of theft, businesses can track the location of the stolen vehicle and inform law enforcement, increasing the chances of recovery.

Competitive Advantage

Utilizing GPS fleet tracking can give your business a competitive edge. It demonstrates your commitment to efficiency and customer service, which can set you apart from competitors.

Reduced Environmental Impact

By optimizing routes and reducing fuel consumption, GPS tracking can contribute to a company's sustainability efforts by lowering its carbon footprint.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

GPS tracking generates a wealth of data that can be analyzed to make informed decisions. You can identify trends, optimize operations, and plan for future growth.


In industries with regulatory requirements, such as transportation, GPS tracking helps ensure compliance with rules and regulations. This can prevent fines and legal issues.

Safety and Efficiency

Driver Behavior: GPS tracking monitors driver behavior, promoting safer driving practices and reducing accidents.

Emergency Response: Faster response times in emergencies enhance safety for both drivers and the public. These factors collectively drive businesses to implement GPS fleet tracking systems, as they offer tangible benefits that can lead to increased profitability, improved customer satisfaction, and a competitive edge in the market.

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