FleetPeek Plus

FleetPeek Plus

FleetPeek Plus provides both a turnkey and configurable fleet management solution that enables companies of all sizes to have access to a robust GPS software platform that fits any company's budget.

The Most Powerful Feature set in the Location-Based Applications Industry

Real-Time Monitoring

View the location of your fleet in real-time with 30-second updates.

Historical Tracking

Quickly see where an asset or person has been during a specific time frame.

Comprehensive Reporting

A suite of intuitive reports is available to give you the data you need. Schedule reports for daily, weekly, or monthly reviews.

Alerts & Notifications

Customizable alerts and notifications to improve safety and reduce costs.

1. OpenLayer Integration: 

Your choice of map services and layers lets you see your data, your way.

2. Multiple Geofencing Tools:

Circle, polygon, and route-based geofencing tools allow quick and easy alert/notification creation.

3. Routing Made Easy:

Keep drivers on track and timely with Find Closest Item, Find Address, Share Directions tools, and more.

(LBS) Solution Suite

The global Location-Based Services(LBS) market is expected to grow at a CAGR of nearly 40% from 2017 through 20211. Primarily driven by the rising need for organizations across industries such
as fleet, logistics, construction, and health care to improve operational efficiencies, adhere to regulatory policies, and enhance worker safety, the increasing demand for LBS solutions presents a significant opportunity for Position Logic and our partners. With that said, bringing LBS solutions to market can be highly complex and requires
the navigation of a highly complex ecosystem to evaluate, procure, and integrate the appropriate mix of devices, connectivity technologies, and applications. For some organizations, the resource investment may not be economically or technically feasible.

Graphical Reporting

Management is made easy with a library of graphical reports, such as Average Idle Time, Max Speeds, and many more.

Centralized Alerting

Alerts, announcements and other important items are viewable right on the dashboard for quick action as needed.

Action-Item Alerts

Save money with features that let you know when a vehicle is running low on fuel, is due for scheduled maintenance, and other actionable items.

You keep focus on growing your business. We'll keep focus on making sure your fleet operates at maximum efficiency. FleetPeek offers business owners peace of mind.

1. FleetPeek Performance

The Performance module provides stunning and informative data visualizations. Users can learn more about their business with our simple and engaging charts, graphs, and analytics.

2. FleetPeek Workflow

The workflow module is a robust dispatch management tool designed to facilitate the assignment of location-based tasks. Our Virtual Dispatch Assistant™ (VDA) is a proprietary technology developed to substantially reduce hardware investment costs. VDA eliminates the additional expense of having to buy a personal navigator for every vehicle in order to gain all the benefits of dispatching. Users can effectively handle single-task management as well as groups of tasks with the ability to edit and update them at any point during the workflow cycle.

3. FleetPeek Driver Scorecard

The Driver Scorecard module reduces costs and increases efficiency by providing a driver performance score based on driving behaviors derived via data collected from the transmitting device in the vehicle (no GPS data is required). Driver behavior can be monitored using alerts and events within the platform. Behaviors may include Hard Braking, Rapid Acceleration, Over Speed Limit, Night Driving/After Hours Mileages, Idling, or Over RPM.

Position Logic Vehicle Location Tracking Solutions


Gain access to accurate, real-time vehicle location data.


Detect when vehicles breach digitally restricted geographic locations or regions.

Notifications & Alerts

Receive instant, rule-based vehicle location and status updates.


View data in customizable reports and visualizations in digestible, easy-to-read formats.

Mobile Application

Manage vehicles from iOS and Android mobile devices, regardless of your location.

Historical Data

Achieve full visibility as to where a vehicle has been during a specific time frame.
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