How Does GPS Tracking For Fleet Vehicles Enhance Security for High-Value Cargo?

Fleet vehicles are the most critical asset of a fleet company. However, securing the vehicles only doesn’t do the trick when you aim for successful supply management. The ‘supply’ is always present in a cargo; without it, there are no sales or revenue.

The frequency of cargo thefts increases every year, making it critical for fleet owners and logistics managers to incorporate GPS tracking for fleet vehicles in their setups. In the following post, we’ll find out how the modern-day tracking solution can help deter thefts and bolster the security of high-value cargo.

How Does GPS Tracking For Fleet Vehicles Promote Cargo Security?

According to the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (NaVCIS), over 5,000 reports of such incidents occur annually [1]. Investigation experts have hinted that installing GPS trackers in cargo vehicles can significantly prevent unfortunate thefts because of the following assurances.

1. Real-Time Monitoring For Vehicle Integrity

As the name indicates, GPS tracking for fleet vehicles uses satellite communication to track the vehicle’s geographical location. It enables managers to make informed decisions about selecting the optimal and secure routes and also allows them to make quick adjustments if the vehicle breaks down.

Moreover, you remain fully aware of the vehicle’s traveling track, and it is easier to pinpoint if the vehicle detours from the designated path. Advanced GPS trackers also indicate the engine conditions and fuel consumption. If there is a need for a refill, it is better to access the area’s security before pulling over for gas.

2. Geofencing Prevents Detours

Most vehicle thieves tend to take vehicles to far-off areas with limited or no network coverages to ensure an interrupted theft. And they usually pull it off before fleet managers have no strategies for vehicle detours from their assigned path.

Geofencing features can help a great deal here. Once the route is set and fed in the system, you’ll get alerts if there are any deviations from the path. Upon such encounters you can ask the drivers to identify themselves to the system and inquire about the reason for deviation.

3. Remote Immobilization

Most cargo thefts happen because the thieves run away with the vehicle at maximum speed. However, installing GPS trackers from reputable companies can help you miraculously handle the situation, as they include immobilization features.

Simply put, you can turn off the vehicle’s engine and simultaneously alert the police station in the nearby area of the truck before any real damage occurs. Moreover, installing GPS tracking for fleet vehicles lets you get insurance from distinguished companies with reasonable premiums [2]. Hence, you’ll also get a fair or near-to-fair compensation for damages.

4. Emergency Driver Safety Alerts

It is not always mandatory for the heisters to only take the cargo when the drivers are occupied elsewhere. Often, they hurt the driver and drive the vehicle away. To prevent such situations, fleet managers can install panic buttons and emergency alerts so the drivers can quickly request assistance.

A GPS tracker can provide the vehicle’s exact location, allowing you to take proactive measures to ensure driver safety. Furthermore, it can also generate alerts if drivers make an unscheduled stop. Such features enhance the security of the cargo and the overall fleet.

5. Less Breakdowns

Lack of maintenance is another reason your fleet vehicles may break down during delivery and fall prey to cargo snatchers. Integrating GPS tracking for fleet vehicles with your supply chain management software helps you keep track of inspection checks.

After consulting your mechanics, you can schedule maintenance in a more organized fashion. However, some GPS trackers also have built-in features to store maintenance records and predict the next maintenance check. This saves a lot of manual effort and time, which fleet owners can dedicate to other pressing matters.

6. Asset Information Tracking

Manually tracking the vehicles’ information is relatively easy for small fleet companies. However, manually recording all the information, such as the vehicle specification and shipment details, is more complicated for more extensive and highly functional companies.

Here, GPS tracking for fleet vehicles plays a critical role in effectively managing such details. Furthermore, in case of thefts, you can quickly provide the requested information to the inquiring authorities to facilitate the investigation.

7. Independent Trailer Tracking

GPS trackers offer facilities to ensure cargo tracking as well. Though most trackers are installed in vehicles, one can track the vehicle to know if it’s on the right path. However, tracking cargo is difficult if you are dealing with trailers along trucks and there is no component to track them.

If you undertake deliveries requiring trailers or separate shipment compartments, choosing a GPS with trailor tracking features is essential. If someone tries to disconnect your trailer from the vehicle or messes with the tracker installed, you’ll be alerted immediately.

How To Ensure Delivery Of A High-Value Cargo Via GPS Tracking?

Every shipment has its highs and lows, but things become more challenging when high-value products are involved. Fortunately, GPS tracking systems can remarkably help in this regard.

  • When the shipment loading is completed and the vehicle sets on the road, track its location continuously.
  • If the driver needs to make stops for fuel refills or any other maintenance issues, direct them to a safer area to minimize the possibility of theft.
  • Use geofencing to ensure the vehicles stay on the assigned track. Create a communication channel with the driver to stay updated about the journey. [3]
  • Alert the driver to lock doors when passing through potentially dangerous areas. GPS trackers also offer remote locking features if the truck systems fail to work.



GPS tracking for fleet vehicles is necessary these days before the frequency of cargo thefts is on the rise. Incorporating trackers in your fleet vehicles guarantees their safety and can help stop the damage from happening altogether.

Apart from the security assurances, they also help boost operational efficiency and ultimately increase revenue. However, as the GPS-tracking consumer market expands, the seller market also grows. Therefore, selecting an authentic service provider is essential so there is no doubt of compromised performance.



  1. Will GPS tracking systems be able to help with contract management as well?

Many companies are implementing blockchain technologies with their tracking system to ensure accurate contract management. It will streamline operations and improve cargo traceability. [4]

  1. What security benefits does GPS tracking offer?

GPS tracking for fleet vehicles offers real-time location, ensuring route optimality to prevent thefts. The altering system efficiently informs fleet managers about unscheduled halts, detours, or breakdowns so they can act proactively.

  1. How does GPS tracking help recover stolen cargo?

The systems provide precise location data, aiding law enforcement in quickly locating and recovering stolen goods. Moreover, immobilization features can help shut down the vehicle’s engine to stop its progression.

  1. Is there a way to know if the looters disable the GPS tracker on the cargo?

Many GPS tracking devices have dismantling altars that inform you if someone tries to damage or pry them off the vehicle.






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